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Elevate your Gifting!

Dragonfly Gifting offers a unique, curated  and thoughtful gifting experience.
We offer local and unique gifts,
as well as the option to customize and curate your own special gifts.
Our custom gifts are the perfect
way to show your appreciation.


Welcome to Dragonfly Gifting!

My name is Allyson Thornton, I moved to Charleston in 2007 and have since fallen in love with the city, people and local artisans. 


I have always loved to shop but I find it more fun to shop

for others.  I  enjoy any occasion,

where I can take the time to think about my family and friends, who they are and what excites them.

  I love the challenge of finding a unique gift that they will each cherish.  

I look forward to working with you to discover your needs and helping you create a thoughtful gift for your occasion.

-- Allyson

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